Career Prospects for Young People With Disabilities

If you want to know what options a person with a disability has for finding employment or beginning their own business, the answer may well be, exactly the same choices that a person without disabilities might have. After all, being able to design your workspace to accommodate your disability is one of the biggest advantages of starting your own business. And having a degree in a field that allows work from home, in an environment already built for accommodation, means the opportunities are nearly limitless.

Degrees Offering the Most Lucrative Careers

Indeed lists the top ten highest-paying careers that college students may wish to pursue. Of those ten, the top three are, Information Technology, Engineering, and at number one, Computer Science, with salaries starting at $70,000 per year. With a background in math, those students go on to learn to modify and apply several programming languages, build websites, code, and sort data. Computer science majors also learn about logic, architecture and systems, data structures, AI, and computer theory. The possibilities and opportunities are boundless. Engineering can be a broad science encompassing electrical, mechanical, chemical, and industrial. The fastest-growing areas in engineering right now are computers and natural energy. Most Information Technology majors specialize in subsets like web design, communication, cyber security, data management, and software development. These are all highly lucrative careers now and in the foreseeable future. All of these careers can be perfectly suited to working from home or any workplace with good accessibility for those with disabilities. When looking for a degree program, consider earning an online degree. By earning an information technology degree online, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, and online degrees are typically more affordable than in-person learning.

The Job Search

Step one in landing that perfect entry-level job is to have a compelling and professional resume. Be sure to include your latest accomplishments, experience, and any skills that can differentiate you from other candidates. This is true also if you’re seeking an internship. Paid and unpaid interns can find the kind of experience and connections that can put them ahead of other candidates when pursuing the most competitive job openings. LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet. It’s a great way to search for jobs and internships, network with other professionals, and learn career skills. When creating your LinkedIn profile, include a professional photo, and make sure your profile is complete. Keep your posts positive and specific and respond to inquiries right away. The only time you need to discuss your disability is if it will impact how you will do or work safely in the job for which you are applying. Since many disabilities are “silent,” it’s still a good idea to discuss yours with your employer at some point in order for them to provide the kind of support you need.

Computer Science and IT as Small Businesses

The opportunities to create your own business with your degree in IT, Computer Science, or Engineering are plentiful. If someone is skilled in programming and coding, then software development is a way to earn top dollars. Although there are several DIY website makers, many businesses, especially the larger ones, hire professional web developers to create for them. It can be quite lucrative, especially if you’re contracted to maintain and update the site regularly. Becoming an IT consultant is another way to use your degree to create your own business. From project management to security consulting, many companies large and small are contracting with outside consultants to manage those systems for them. One way to stay on top of all the latest technologies is to attend IT/Tech conferences where you’ll not only learn the latest advances in the industry, but you’ll grow your network as well. Anyone, regardless of abilities, can have a great career as long as their education is sound and their commitment to excellence is present. Current and ongoing technologies are opening new doors every day, it only takes passing through them to succeed.

Gloria Martinez, Author, Womenled.org

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