Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. However, moving to a new city and starting over come with unique stressors. The key to finding the right job and the right place to live starts with creating a well-organized plan. These five phases from Employment Solutions will help you better prepare for this major life transition.

Phase 1: Find the Right Job
The first step in relocating is securing a job where you intend to move. Take your time with this phase and start as far in advance as possible. Before seeking a position, make sure you create a resume that will stand out to employers. You can start by using a free online resume builder and choose a professional design. Then you incorporate your own copy and imagery. Remember to keep it simple and direct, and talk to an employment solutions company that can help place you in a position that best suits your skills.

Phase 2: Find Your New Neighborhood
Once you have a job in place, you’ll need a place to live. The two primary considerations are affordability and location. Start by researching average home prices in different areas to figure out what neighborhood best suits your budget. Do you plan to buy or rent? For example, research shows that the average cost of rent in Lexington, KY, ranges from as low as $450 a month to as high as $2,400 a month. When scouting a place to live, consider the proximity to your new job, the availability of shopping and entertainment, and nearby public transportation options if you do not own a bike or vehicle.

Phase 3: Start Packing
The packing phase is the most tedious. If you can, try to start packing at least two or three months in advance, depending on the size of your home. Starting early allows you to stay organized by slowly packing each room. Label boxes by room and make piles for items you intend to sell, throw away, or donate. If you have items you cannot take with you but want to keep, look into renting a storage unit. Be sure to compare prices because many offer the first month free.

Phase 4: Hire Professionals To Help
Relieve yourself of the cumbersome parts of relocating by hiring professionals to help you. Start with a local realtor, especially if you plan to buy. A good real estate agent can take your list of wants and needs and find a home that meets your qualifications within your budget. When the time comes to move, consider paying a moving company to move everything for you. Instead of dealing with the laborious part of loading, transporting, and unloading, you can focus on more important things, like adjusting to your new city and preparing for your first day at your new job.

Phase 5: Take Some Time for Self-Care
The final phase is something you should actually consider throughout the entire process. Self-care is important during any major milestone in life. When you feel overwhelmed, take the time to relax. Try some breathing techniques or go for a walk outside. Self-care is a personal experience. Therefore, do whatever helps you recharge.

Careful preparation is the key to a smooth transition when you decide to make a career relocation. Focus on using a stellar resume to land the perfect job, find an affordable place to live, pack early, work with professionals and focus on self-care. As you navigate these phases, remember to stay flexible. Things can go wrong, but if you keep a cool head, you’ll get through it. Just step right back into the plan and move forward.